iMaGeS - Photography by Christopher Odukwe | Qa Sportzone​ Volleyball QVA 08/06/2018
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A selection of over 700 pictures from Friday's (08/06/2018) amazing court action in the Qa Sportzone​ Volleyball League. In the Ladies categories Hyper Spikers beat Army Lady in a five set thriller (3-2). Bratinella's Aces beat Spicy Spikes plus P2P beat Zyrens in another thrilling match up. Congratulations to J Spikers for winning the Ladies (Women Beginners Category) by defeating the tough Belabolers 3 sets to 2. In the Men's League the Keyders Ozone battled the JA 1. Eagles-PLU in another 5 set thriller and Riders Red 2.0 defeated the Blue Archers. Roll on next Friday. Check out more pictures on my Photograohy website -
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