iMaGeS - Photography by Christopher Odukwe | Qa Sportzone​ Volleyball QVA 15/06/2018
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A selection of over 650 pictures from Friday's (15/06/2018) amazing court action in the Qa Sportzone​ Volleyball League. In the Ladies categories the efficient and skilled Hyper Spikers beat a depleted E8 team (3-0). The two teams will meet once more to determine the overall Ladies Champion. Congratulations to Bratinella's Aces who beat P2P in a thrilling match (3-1) to win the Ladies (Women Beginners Category). In the Men's League the Keyders Ozone beat the Riders Red 2.0 in an amazing 5-game thriller to win the Mens (Non-Rated) Championship. Well done to all the teams and the Players who picked up end of season Player awards. kind regards chrisximages #Volleyball #Sportzone #Awesome #Fun4All #MyFriday #Photography #chrisximages