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Pictures from the Red Bull Ras B Ras challenge held on 23rd November 2011.
The participants were challenging each other for the Red Bull Ras B Ras title on a world-class, custom built 800m long circuit in front of a packed Grandstand in Khobar Plaza.
The title of the one-day event will go to one of the 16 racing superstars invited by Red Bull who are to take part in various heats, which challenge each of the champions to showcase their best driving and racing skills. The drivers will battle behind the wheel of identical cars.
Elimination starts early on, in the first rounds of the challenges, putting 16 drivers against each other over 8 separate groups. The fastest 8 drivers will then qualify to the quarterfinals, where contenders will vie across 4 groups, for a spot in the semifinals. With pressure mounting to make it to the final round, two drivers will face-off against each other, and only one will stake his claim as the undisputed Arab champion.
The sixteen contestants are from ten Arab countries and are Champions in various categories.